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Reverse Engineering

The following flow chart illustrates our Reverse Engineering process and approach.

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Please contact Parsa Wireless Communications in order to obtain the following brief sample Reverse Engineering Reports:

  • Semiconductor RE
    • Memory Chip
    • Digital Integrated Circuits in Baseband Chip
    • Clock Investigation of Semiconductor Chip
    • Inductor Design Elements in RF Chip
    • Android Application Processors
    • Firmware & Assembly Code Extraction of Commercial Mobile Product
  • Wireless & Other Communications RE
    • Routing & Network Protocol Analysis
    • Smartphone & Wireless Network Protocol Analysis
    • Evaluate Competing Antenna Technologies
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, e-Readers & Flat Screen TVs
    • Smart Phone Modem
    • OLED Display Failure Analysis and Operating Lifetime Estimation
    • Touch Sensor Development & Analysis Projects
    • User Interface Display Physical Design & Implementation