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Patent Assertion Service

Parsa Wireless Communications can support your assertion efforts in both licensing and litigation contexts. Notably, the key technical components of such an effort are:

  • Infringement analysis
  • Generation licensing
  • Evidence of use charts
  • Prior art
  • Validity analysis

Our workflow includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Claim charting [standards, public literature based, RE based charts]
  2. As part of claim charting work, we can either provide evidence of use based on public literature such as standard specifications or we can engage in various levels of reverse engineering . Reverse engineering consists of:

    • Teardowns
    • Functional testing
    • Process / Structural
    • Board level reverse engineering (black box testing)
    • Chip level / circuit extraction / electrical measurements
    • Code extraction

  3. Validity/invalidity analysis
  4. Before any assertion effort, we can perform validity/invalidity analyses of the patents with a strong infringement case in order to minimize the risk of the assertion. Our experts will look at similar technologies and compile evidence to support the validity of your patent claim.

  5. Prior art analysis
  6. We will help minimize the risk of assertion by identifying a set of strong patents from the prior art perspective. Our team of deep technical experts will look at your assertion effort, compare it to other patent claims, and provide you with the information you need to pursue the assertion with minimal risk. Our expert-based prior art analysis can be as short as one hour, or can stretch to tens of hours if necessary and desired.

View Infringement Analysis Flowchart

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