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About Us

Company Overview

Parsa Wireless is a nimble, boutique technical consulting firm with a team of international Ph.D. experts in Wireless Communications, Telephony Systems, Semiconductors and IT Systems, including the Cloud.

We provide patent and intellectual property services to licensing, intellectual property (IP) and patent professionals. Our work is highly customized to the unique needs of our clients.

Parsa Wireless helps IP Professionals solve the following problems:

  • Find technical gems in patent portfolios
  • Discover potential infringers
  • Identify licensing opportunities
  • Strategically manage patent portfolios
  • Develop & extend their technologies

Our global team of more than 100 Ph.D. experts typically have twenty to thirty years of industry experience, numerous patents and technical publications to their credit, and have participated in, or led standards committees.

Parsa Wireless Communications has analyzed thousands of patents for leading technology firms. Parsa Wireless Communications is a wireless research and development firm in RAN 5G domain.