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Strategic IP Consulting Service

Parsa Wireless Communications is prepared to broker your Intellectual Property (IP). After a high-level evaluation and valuation of the IP assets, we will determine and contact target prospects. Utilizing the deep knowledge base of our experts, we will:

  • Prepare presentations and requisite materials to effectively convey the value of your IP to potential buyers.
  • Manage the deal with a degree of precision and care unmatched anywhere else, standing by your side from the day you approach us until your goals are met and the sale completed.

Our Strategic IP Consulting service includes:

  1. High level evaluation & valuation of the IP assets
  2. We begin by assessing your portfolio and determining the value of your patent holdings by consulting with our experts. We will perform any tests or analyses, including reverse engineering, which are necessary to determine the value of your patents.

  3. Determine prospects for acquiring IP assets
  4. We will identify potential buyers and scour the market for the most legitimate and competitive target prospects.

  5. Develop marketing strategy & requisite materials for target prospects
  6. Based on your patents, goals, and potential buyers, we will develop a customized action plan and allocate necessary requisite materials and prepare presentations & collateral for prospects.

    Our team will create presentations and materials for prospects by utilizing the information found by our technical experts.

  7. Proactively manage the campaign and transaction
  8. We will manage the entire sales process and transactions as an active member of your prospecting team.

  9. Facilitate buyer due diligence process
  10. If the buyer has any questions about the patents being sold, or requires more evidence of their worth, we will be available to conduct further analysis of the patents.

  11. Term sheet negotiations

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