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Corporate Team

Kourosh Parsa, Ph.D. – Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Kourosh Parsa Photo Dr. Parsa has been in the field of wireless and related technologies since 1990. He spent over a decade at the cutting edge of the wireless industry, inventing numerous technologies in the fields of WCDMA, WiFi and WiMAX. He is an air interface expert focused on multiple access technology, physical layer, MAC and Radio Resource Management. His wireless career began in 1990 at RAM Mobile Data as manager of data systems engineering wherein he oversaw the system planning and dimensioning of the Mobitex Packet Radio System.

As Interim Chief Executive Officer and VP of Technology and Standards, Dr. Parsa led the success of Golden Bridge Technology (GBT) in globalization of Common Packet Technology as part of UMTS (Universal Mobile Terrestrial System). Specifically, he originated and co-invented The Common Packet Channel Technology and managed the process of acceptance of this technology as part of the UMTS standard.

Dr. Parsa was also one of the chief architects of the Wideband Packet CDMA RTT, which was jointly submitted to International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in January of 1999 by American Standard bodies, TR46.1 and T1P1.5, which was subsequently merged into the European ETSI and Japanese ARIB proposals.

Additionally, he worked with the R&D division at InterDigital LLC, where he was involved with Broadband CDMA technology innovation. Additionally, as a Member of Technical Staff at NYNEX Science and Technology, he was involved with IS95 and GSM system research.

Dr. Parsa has published and presented more than 30 technical papers in the field of Packet Radio, WCDMA and the future of mobile communications. He also holds 20 issued patents in the field of wireless communications. Dr. Parsa has been frequently invited as a speaker at industry forums, corporate clients and universities.

Dr. Parsa holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the City University of New York. He has taught wireless courses at New Haven University, Bridgeport University, and City College of New York.

Lilach Buehler, Executive Assistant & Marketing Associate

Lilach Buehler Photo Lilach joined Parsa Wireless Communications in December 2015. Lilach has years of community event organization and volunteer experience as well as project management experience. She also worked as a programmer at GE Capital, where she provided support to the Finance team. At Parsa Wireless, Lilach is the office manager and the executive assistant. She is also assisting the marketing and business development team.

Lilach holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Pace University.

Masao (Mark) Aragaki, Regional Director, Business Development Asia

Masao Aragaki Photo Mark Aragaki had a successful long-term career at Sharp Corporation. He spent thirteen years at the Information Systems Group of Sharp Electronics in the U.S.A. where he headed the Cash Register, Copier, Computer, and Fax Machine businesses. He then became head of Sharp UK, head of Sharp Germany and then the COO of Sharp Europe. Mark’s most recent position with Sharp, until his retirement from the company in 2008, was to manage the Global Mobile Telephone business. Since retiring from Sharp, and prior to joining Parsa Wireless, he had been involved in a number of consulting and entrepreneurial activities.

Mark holds an M.B.A. from the Business School Lausanne in Switzerland after M.B.A. studies at the London University.