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Research and Development

Parsa Wireless Communications offers our Invention Service to allow clients to develop, finalize, and patent their IP. Our idea creation services allow our clients the chance to sit down with several of our technical experts, giving developers an opportunity to brainstorm with some of the top experts in their technical specialty. By performing a landscape and white space search and analysis, we will determine the areas that can maximize your chances for invention and profit. Through our Invention Service, clients will be able to develop their portfolios and employ a customized strategy that will emphasize their goals and maximize their return.

The workflow includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Freedom to operate and clearance search and analysis
  2. We provide a freedom to operate search to surface published applications and patents that may pose an infringement risk to your product or service. The search scope may be limited to U.S. patents and published applications or expanded to include foreign patent references. The search and subsequent analysis of the subset of patents and patent applications will be conducted by our technical experts who specialize in the technology of interest.

  3. Patentability search
  4. A patentability search identifies prior art references that are relevant to the patentability of an invention. Search results could include issued patents, published applications both US and foreign, as well as, scientific journals and papers. Our experts can provide a mapping between the segments of these references and your potential claims.

  5. Landscaping and whitespace analysis
  6. We can analyze the current landscape of the market, giving you context and insight into the technology and other inventions that will surround your own. As a result of this landscaping analysis, we can identify the white spaces for invention for your R&D team.

    Our team of technical experts will explore the technology markets and identify areas that are open to invention. Our white space search and analysis helps you make strategic decisions in your R&D efforts. We assemble a team of subject matter experts and search professionals who custom design the search based on your goals and needs. Alternatively, we can reduce the search results and perform technical analysis by our subject matter experts to characterize and categorize the inventions for further analysis.

  7. Brainstorm sessions with technology experts on the topic
  8. We give you the unique opportunity to sit down and brainstorm with our Subject Matter Experts in their fields of technology. You will be able to synthesize ideas with several of our Ph.D. experts.

  9. Wireless Portfolio Research and Development
  10. Parsa Wireless Communications research and developns 5G portfolios in the RAN domain. We can custom develop current and future 3GPP release patents as needed by our clients.