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Our Consultants

Parsa Wireless Communications is a unique, dynamic and global team of experts and innovators with

  • Over 100 Ph.D.’s in Electrical Engineering or a related discipline
  • 20 to 30 years of industry experience
  • Intimate knowledge of standards because we have helped develop some of these standards, including but not limited to:

    Wireless standards such as: GSM – GPRS – EDGE – UMTS – LTE – LTE Advanced – CDMA2000-1xRTT – EVDO – WiMAX – WI-FI – UWB – Bluetooth – Zigbee – DVB

    Telephony standards such as: ADSL – GMPLS – IETF (VOIP, ISIS, Mobile IP OSPF, BGP) – ITV

    Cable TV: DOCSIS

    Audio & Video: MPEG standards, MPEG4, MP3, Audio codecs, H.264 – Internet protocols and IETF standards

We can provide an expert on over 100 different standards. Our name Parsa Wireless is representative of our legacy technical capabilities. However, our technology categories now include:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Telephony Systems
  • Semiconductors
  • Computers, IT Systems & Cloud
  • Handsets
  • Networks
  • Audio & Video Coding
  • Displays
  • Image Processing
  • Optical Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices & Systems
  • Automotive
  • Oil, Gas & other Energy

Unlike other IP Technical Consultants, we are not a small group of technical generalists. We are a large group of technical specialists. Each of our Subject Matter Experts is a deep domain expert in their own well-defined technology niche or segment. For example, among our wireless team of 40 experts, we have experts on Physical Layer, MAC Layer, Handset Architecture, Mobile Software, and many other wireless specialties.

Similarly with Semiconductors, we have Subject Matter Experts on CMOS Design, Microprocessors, Semiconductor Packaging, Semiconductor Memories, Thin Film Technologies plus other chip related specialties. We also have people who can reverse engineer a semiconductor chip, take SEM/TEM photographs, characterize the circuits on the chip and identify the manufacturing process by which the chip was produced.

Similar to our wireless and semiconductor groups, each of our major technical categories mentioned in our Technologies tab above, i.e. Audio & Video Coding, Networks, etc. has people who specialize in a sub-segment of that technical category. So, again our Subject Matter Experts each cover a different technical specialty.