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Our Process

Parsa Wireless Communications is a nimble, boutique technical consulting firm providing patent and intellectual property services in Wireless Communications, Telephony Systems, Semiconductors and IT Systems, including the Cloud. We provide services to licensing, intellectual property (IP) and patent professionals. We follow a proven step-by-step process. Our agile team of PhD experts conducts customized technical due diligence tailored to your business needs.

  • Portfolio Mining Service: Review of large patent portfolios to find potential technical gems.

  • Technical Mapping Service: Publicly available information is reviewed to further confirm whether the patents uncovered during portfolio mining are in fact technical gems. We do this by:

    • Mapping patents to various standards and products
    • Preparation of Infringement Charts
    • Preparation of PowerPoint mapping for licensing purposes

  • Reverse Engineering: If publicly available information is not adequate to identify infringement, we conduct Reverse Engineering at the System, Circuit and Process levels such as:

    • Systems Engineering services for testing equipment Over-the-Air
    • Hardware Engineering services to:

      • Disassemble equipment
      • Take SEM/TEM photographs
      • Identify the circuits
      • Download and examine code
      • Identify manufacturing processes

    View Reverse Engineering Flowchart

Our global team of PhD experts conducts work, including Reverse Engineering, in the US or internationally as specified by each project.