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Defensive Service

Parsa Wireless Communications offers a defensive service to our clients, first conducting an expansive freedom to operate search on a national or international scale. Our deep technical experts in the field will present their findings and be available to perform any necessary analysis and due diligence on the patents they unearth. Their analyses ensure that your risk is minimized, opportunities maximized, with your time and money conserved and spent efficiently.

The workflow includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Freedom to operate search and analysis
  2. We provide our customers with the freedom to operate search to surface published applications and patents that may pose an infringement risk to your product or service. The search scope may be limited to U.S patents and published applications or expanded to include foreign patent references. The search and subsequent analysis of the subset of patents and patent applications will be conducted by our technical experts in the field.

  3. Validity/invalidity search
  4. Our validity/invalidity search, combined with a comprehensive prior art analysis, will provide you with evidence to bolster your own patent claims or invalidate those of your competitors. Our experts will ensure that any patents you assert are protected against the claims of your competitors.

  5. Design-around report
  6. If we see areas of potential infringement, we can provide a design around report to minimize damage and potential problems with infringement.

  7. Risk assessment and recommendations
  8. We will minimize your risk and give you informed and customized recommendations via our numerous analyses and searches. Our findings expert advice will minimize uncertainties and ensure that you are prepared and confident in your IP holdings.