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Portfolio Management

Parsa Wireless Communications offers customized portfolio analysis at different levels, beginning with ultra-light analysis to determine target markets and products. From there, our light portfolio technical analysis will mine your portfolio for IP gems, while also determining those that can be abandoned. Our technical experts’ analyses will place your portfolio in the context of the present technology market, revealing areas open to expansion and innovation. Finally, our custom analysis will be tailored to your goals in order to develop a personalized strategy for your portfolio. Whether your objectives include diversifying, divesting, or bolstering your current IP holdings in any particular field, we offer you unrivaled expertise and individual attention.

The workflow includes, but is not limited to

  1. Ultra Light portfolio analysis
    • Target markets, target products

  2. Light portfolio technical analysis
    • Abandon patents not worth pursuing
    • Assert patents that have the potential to be valuable
    • Minimize risk, continue, commercialize, future value
    • Discover new innovation areas by conducting whitespace analysis
    • Identify target companies, products

  3. Custom designed portfolio analysis
  4. Our custom designed portfolio analysis can add an even greater level of depth to our portfolio analysis, and means that everything we do will be customized to the unique makeup of your IP assets.

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